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Hello there!
Hugo is my name. I'm an interior designer and a University of Bridgeport alumni student from Stamford, Connecticut. I was interested in Interior Design because I'm a giver and adore how my design can impact people's lives in a given environment, whether in their home or a corporate office. These interior spaces can make a difference in how energy is experienced. These energies come together to create a story. I love how I'm constantly on a journey of discovery, learning about new product trends and people's behaviours. Lastly, above all, design is why I picked up Interior Design. The most extraordinary thing that gravitated me to interior design was the idea of having a concept before digging into a design. I have fun doing it and expanding my creativity.
Outside of interior design, I love to consume content on astronomy. It's always a lovely humbling reminder that we are just a speck in the universe.

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